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  • chevron_rightAre Garage Sales Allowed in Sommerall?
    Recently the Board of Directors drafted a resolution for Garage/Yard Sales. The Policy has been filed. Garage sales will be held 2x a year, 2nd Saturday in March and 2nd Saturday in October of each year. No garage sale, yard sale, or other similar type of sale or activity shall take place on any particular lot located within the subdivision in excess of two (2) times a year, and such sale(s) shall only be allowed on those specific dates and times established in advance( 14 days) by the association. These garage sales are advertised a week in advance in community papers and through out the subdivision with banners and signs at the entrances.  If you’re having a garage sale on any day other than specified you will be in violation of the restrictions which will result in fines being imposed. Please see attached amendment here
  • chevron_rightDoes Sommerall have a clubhouse?
    Sommerall does not have a clubhouse, however Stone Creek community that is directly across 529 allows non-residents for a fee to rent their facilities. Please contact Sterling ASI at 832-678-4500 for more information.
  • chevron_rightHow do I obtain a pool card?
    If you are a new resident or existing resident and have never received a pool tag. Please call 832-678-4500 or email servicedesk@sterlingasi.com with the Pool form found under the Amenities tab. For replacement cards a fee of $35.00 payable to Sommerall must be submitted before a new card will be issued. Your account must be in good standing to receive an access card.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the Pool Hours?
    Memorial Day Weekend - 12pm-8pm
    Summer Hours: Tuesday -  Sunday 12pm-8pm                                     
    Weekends (September): Saturday - Sunday 12pm-8pm
  • chevron_rightHow do I report a street light out?
    Please have the nearest address and 6 digit number on the street pole and either call Centerpoint at 713-945-4636 or log-on to Centerpoint website
  • chevron_rightWhat items are considered for recycling?
    The following items are accepted in our curbside recycling program:
    Paper: Newspaper, Magazines, Catalogs, Junk Mail, Envelopes, Office Paper, Construction Paper, Colored Paper, Folders, Paper Bags, Phone Books, Holiday Cards and Greeting Cards
    Cardboard: Corrugated Cardboard Boxes, Paperboard Boxes (cereal, soda/beer, egg, shoe boxes)
    Containers: Aluminum Cans, Tin Cans, Steel Cans, Empty Aerosol Cans, Aluminum Foil, Plastics #1-#5 & #7 (milk, soda, water, juice, shampoo, detergent, pool supplies, pet food), Metal Pots and Pans, Copper, Scrap Metal (nails, screws, gutters)
    Commonly Mistaken Unacceptable Material: PLASTIC BAGS, STYROFOAM, Wrapping Paper, Used Pizza Boxes, Coat Hangers, Paint and Solvent Containers, Light Bulbs, Mirrors, Windows, Dishes and Cups, Pyrex Pans, Wet or Soiled Paper, Paper Towels, Facial and Toilet Tissue, Disposable Plates and Cups, Milk and Juice Cartons (wax-board containers)
  • chevron_rightWhat do I do with my tree limbs?
    Trees, shrubs, brush trimmings and fencing must be bundled in lengths no greater than four (4) feet with no branch diameter exceeding three (3) inches. The bundling is required to allow quick pickup and size limitations are required to avoid damaging the equipment in the crushing process.
  • chevron_rightCan I rent the pool for a party?
    Please contact Texas Aquatics for more information at 713-416-5161
  • chevron_rightWhat do I do if I lost my pet?
    Go onto the Lost Pet Tab and submit a request, with photo, description and any pertinent information that you would like posted on the website. There are always helpful articles to assist you in finding your pet.
  • chevron_rightWho is the trash company?
    Trash Company- Texas Pride- (281) 342-8178
    Service Days and Hours Garbage: Monday & Thursday   Recycle: Monday   Hours: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm


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